Performance Foot Wrap Straps for Hammertoes ( Pack of 2)

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Simple, yet effective, conservative treatment for re-positioning of hammertoes, overlapping toes, crooked toes or to stabilize fractures with adjustable Velcro closure. A unique wrap secures two or three toes together. Wrap Strap is easy to apply and can be cut to customize the length and sizing for optimal fit. Soft foam cushioning relieves irritation and rubbing on tops of toes from shoes. Thin, soft comfortable material can be worn underneath socks and any shoes.

How to Apply 

  • Wrap non-Velcro end around one toe and then continue wrapping around the adjoining toe or toes.
  • Secure with tab.
  • Trim strap to length if needed


  • do not over tighten the strap
  • do not use if there is a break in the skin 


  • hammertoe
  • crooked toe
  • mallet toe
  • angular deviation of toe
  • can be used a buddy splint