Performance Foot Soft Foam U Shaped Callus Cushion Pad 1/8 or 1/4 Inch Thickness

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The U Shaped Callus Cushion Foam Pad is 1/8’ & 1/4' thick.  It has a centrally placed aperture. The pad can be used to relieve pressure from a painful area and provide a great cushioning effect around the painful area. The pad has an adhesive back to make for easy application. Can be used for right or left foot. The foam is thick yet compressible to offer maximal relief.

How to apply

  • Gently apply to clean and dry foot. 
  • Peel off backing. 
  • Wearing socks is not mandatory.
  • Position pad so the aperture surrounds the area of pain or location of wart etc…  
  • Product can be worn with casual or dress shoes.  

Recommended Care

  • Product is designed for single application. 
  • Dispose after use.
  • The life of the product is affected by it care, use and activity level.


  • Do not place product on an open wound. 
  • Don’t use is diabetic or have loss of sensation to skin.
  • If irritation, discomfort, or any problems result from the use of this product then discontinue use immediately and notify your doctor.


  • Painful calluses
  • Painful prominences of bone such as over a bunion (bump near big toe joint)
  • Haglund deformity (bump on outer back side of heel)
  • A painful area that you don’t want the pressure to go through

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