Performance Foot Gel Crest Pad Triple Toe

  • $11.50
  • Save $3.45


  • The Gel Triple toe Crest pad has 3 loops, soft stretchy premier gel. It can hold 3 toes together to help them from over-lapping and provides the toe crest pad on the bottom to lift up the tips of the toes and to straighten toes when in place on foot.
  • Latex Free
  • Pricing is for a single pad.  

How to apply

  • It can be worn in traditional design underneath the toes to lift up the tips of the toes.
  • it can be worn with the toe crest placed on top of the toes to hold 3 toes down and straight. It becomes a barrier between the shoe and toes and shoe hits it which pushes on toes to bring them straight down.


  • Do not use if you have Diabetes Mellitus, Peripheral Vascular Disease, or have lack of sensation in feet or toes.


  • The tip of my toe is painful
  • The top of my toe is painful
  • I have a hammertoe
  • My toes are curled under.
  • I can not wear shoes comfortably because my toes are painful