Performance Foot Gel Toe Separators

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The Gel Toe Separators are made from silicone gel and are used to gently spread crooked, overlapping and rubbing toes to reduce discomfort from friction injuries such as blisters and corns. Gel can also last up to 6 times longer and provides great cushioning and will not flatten out. 

 Gel Separators are available in 4 sizes:

  • Small (1/8”) best fit between 4th and 5th toes
  • Medium  (1/4”) is the most versatile size and can fit between any two toes
  • Large (3/8”) fits best between big toe and 2nd toe
  • Extra Large (5/8”) fits best between big toe and 2nd toe.

Best Pricing at Quantity of 15

When purchasing you are choosing the size and quantity you desire.  The picture is for illustrative purposes demonstrating relative sizes. 


How to apply

  • Gently slide between any two toes. Use with a sock.

 Recommended Care

  • Gel does not absorb odor and can be hand washed with mild soap every other day


  • Do not use with a latex allergy


  • My toes are rubbing together
  • My toes are crooked
  • My toes are overlapping
  • My toes have a corn between them
  • I have a callus between my toes