Performance Foot Gel Toe Spreader with Gel Bunion Pad Combination

  • $12.95
  • Save $4


The Gel Toe Spreader with Gel Bunion Pad Combo is designed to separate and align the first and second toes.  Great to use for relief of bunion pain and to spread and separate the first and second toes. Works excellent to reduce the friction caused by the bunion on the second toe.  If you need one for each foot then order two at checkout.  The pad is made of soft medical grade gel. 

How to Apply 
  • universal/is interchangeable between left and right 
  • gently slide big toe through the opening and place the long gel end along the bunion 
  • one size fits all


  • product is latex free
  • do not use if you have Diabetes, Neuropathy, or poor blood flow


  • Bunion
  • Rubbing between first and second toes 
  • Callusing between first and second toes
  • Pain along big toe joint with shoe wear