Performance Foot Felt Metatarsal Pad 1/8 inch

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The 1/8 Felt Metatarsal Pads help to treat turf toe, sesamoiditis, hallus limitus, hallux valgus or bunion, metatarsalgia, painful pressure points, calluses.  

The 1/8 inch thick with a self-adhesive back is used for easy application. Designed to re-distribute weight and direct pressure more evenly over the area applied. Used most common on the ball of the foot.

How to apply

  • Gently apply to clean dry foot.  
  • Remove adhesive back and apply pad just behind(heel side) the area of pain.  
  • The pad may cause increased discomfort if applied directly over the area of pain. These pads are designed to place directly to the foot, however, can be placed directly to the shoe itself.

Recommended Care  

  • The pad is designed for single application.
  • Dispose after use.
  • The life of the pad is determined by its care, use, and activity level. Multiple days use is possible based on these same parameters.


  • Do not use adhesives if you have sensitivities to allergies to latex or adhesives.
  • Do not use if diabetic or have lost feeling in your foot or ankle for any reason.
  • Felt absorbs fluids very easily, hence, it is not advisable to get felt padding wet.
  • Compression, friction, and wear cause felt to lose resilence and eventually degrade. 


Customers who purchase this product would probably be saying:

  • The ball of my foot hurts…
  • The area behind my toes hurts…
  • The ball of my foot hurts the longer I walk
  • My toes burn when in shoes…
  • The tighter the front of my shoe the more pain I have
  • I have to wear high-healied shoes and the ball of my foot always hurts after a few minutes….
  • Certain shoes make my feet hurt especially in the ball or area behind my toes.