Performance Foot Gel High Heel Strap Strips (Pack of 4)

  • $10.50
  • Save $2.50


Performance Foot offers Gel High Heel Strips that are ideal for shoes with straps. They help prevent straps from slipping and rubbing.  Provides virtually invisible protection from friction.  Improves the fit and feel of any shoe straps. 

*Sold as 4 strips per package. 

How to apply

  • Remove adhesive cover from back of strap strip and apply to inner layer of shoe strap
  • Either apply before wearing the high heeled shoe or bring with you in your purse to apply as needed  


  • Do not apply directly to skin.
  • Not recommended for use if you have Diabetes.


  • Work great to relieve pressure and skin irritation from the steps of high heeled shoes 
  • Pain associated with single or multiple straps