Performance Foot Gel Toe Comb (Pack of 2)

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The Gel Toe Combs are the ultimate in toe comfort.  The medical grade gel helps to sooth and ease the tension in your feet after a day of high demands on your feet.   Great to use after a foot soak or while relaxing. They are reusable and easy to use.  

  • Provides gentle, comfortable toe separation
  • Great after a long day at work to relieve pressure between toes
  • Price is for a Pack of 2

How to apply

  • Place toes between gel projections


  • Usually not recommended to wear with closed toed shoes


  • can be used for a variety of applications
  • usually used outside of shoes
  • separate toes after painting toenails
  • separate toes to reduce pain
  • use after soaking feet 
  • use to air-out the space between toes
  • soft material is soothing