Performance Foot Gel Heel Sleeve

  • $16.00


Price is for one sleeve not one pair.

The Gel Heel Sleeve slides directly over the foot similar to a sock.  The sleeve softens and cushions heels with gel inside at heel.  It also provides mild compression for ankles. Fits left or right  The gel heel sleeve is commonly used for extra padding along the heel and Achilles areas.   It fits easily with socks and shoes.
In general,  Gel does not absorb odors and can be hand washed with mild soap every day.  Gel can also last up to 6 times longer and provides great cushioning and will not flatten out.

How to apply  

  • Slide directly over the foot and then put on socks


  • The sleeve life is affected by its care.  If skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain occurs stop using immediately.
  •  If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your Podiatrist or General Physician first.


  • The bottom or back of my heel is causing me discomfort. 
  • My shoe is rubbing the back of my heel.
  • I want extra cushion on the back or bottom of my heel.