Performance Foot Eco Gel Tube Ribbed ( 2 tubes)

  • $23.95
  • Save $1


  • Fully lined with Gel 
  • Protects over/under lapping toes, distal corns, hammertoes
  • Latex Free
  • Both tubes are of the same size per package


  • Small Tubes (3/4" x 6") -Can be used on all toes except big toe.
  • Large Tubes (1" x 6") - Best used on the big toe.

How to apply

  • Use scissors to cut the tube to the desired length
  • Gently slide over the desired toe 
  • Can wear with shoes


  • Ensure that the tube is not too tight on the toe 


  • Hammertoe deformity
  • Sore toe
  • Sore toenail
  • Need extra cushion between two toes
  • Need extra cushion on bottom of toe
  • Need extra cushion on top of toe
  • Extra padding for incurvating or ingrown nail