Performance Foot Crest Pad - Eco Gel

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The Gel Crest Pad fits on the bottom of the toes and helps lift the toes from hitting the ground or the end of the shoe. This product helps reduce pressure and pain caused by hammertoes. It lifts the tips of toes to reduce pressure at the tips of the toes.   *One size fits all.

Use for deformities such as:

  • Hammertoes
  • Claw toes
  • Mallet toes

How to apply  

Slip toe (usually 3rd) through the loop and the padded portion of the crest pad will sit beneath the toe itself. 

In general, Gel does not absorb odors and can be hand washed with mild soap every day.  Gel can also last up to 6 times longer and provides great cushioning and will not flatten out.


Do not use if you have Diabetes Mellitus, Peripheral Vascular Disease, or have lack of sensation in feet or toes.


  • The tip of my toe is painful
  • The top of my toe is painful
  • I have a hammertoe
  • My toes are curled under.
  • I can not wear shoes comfortably because my toes are painful