Performance Foot Gel Bunion Sleeve Universal Fit

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Pricing is for one sleeve, not one pair 

The Gel Bunion Sleeve is a soft stretch satin-like fabric that protects and cushions bunions. Secures comfortably over the toe and around the foot to prevent sliding.  It is designed to fit comfortably in dress shoes.  There is a gel pad within the sleeve that pads the bunion area.

Available Sizes

  • S/M: mainly for women
  • L/XL: mainly for men or women with a wider foot
  • Fits either Right or Left foot.  ( turn inside out to use on other foot)

How to apply

Slide big toe through the loop and remainder of the sleeve over the remainder of the foot.

Recommended Care  

Gently hand wash with warm water and mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly. Press flat with a clean towel to remove excess moisture and then air dry completely before re-use.


Do not use on extremely wide feet.  This pad is hand sewn, therefore the life of this pad is affected by its care.  If skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain occurs stop using immediately.  If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your Podiatrist or General Physician first.


    • There is a bump on the side of my foot near my big toe joint that is painful.
    • Bunion 
    • Sore big toe joint