Dry Body Wipes for Sweat Elimination

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  • Maximum Strength 15% Antiperspirant Wipes For Underarm Sweat & Other Areas Of The Body
  • Clinically Tested. Dermatologist & Podiatrist Recommended. Extra Soothing Aloes & Vitamin E - So No Irritation
  • Stop Armpit Sweating Up To 7 Days! Can Be Applied On Other Areas Of The Body. Results May Be Less.
  • Waterproof Through Showering, Fast Drying Formula. Dab Do Not Rub For Best Results When Applying.
  • Stops Clothing Wetness & Stains! Compare to Sweat Block & Save
  • 8 week supply


How to apply

  • Follow package insert instructions 


  • Follow package insert precautions 


  • excessive perspiration
  • excessive sweating
  • hyperhydrosis


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