Performance Foot Cohesive Wrap One Inch Width

  • $4.00
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  • Self-Adherent wrap of non woven material that sticks to itself, but not to other materials or skin
  • Tears clean without leaving exposed threads - easy to hand tear
  • It does not constrict, yet holds well even when stretched
  • Lightweight Nylon which is soft, comfortable and porous
  • Excellent pressure bandage

How to Apply

  • Either tear or cut a section off of the roll and apply


  • Do not overtighten
  • Do not use if you have Diabetes
  • Do not use if you have Neuropathy
  • Do not use if you have Poor Blood Flow or Bad Circulation 


  • Can be used on fingers or toes
  • Used to wrap a sore toe or reinforce a Performance Foot pad 
  • Be creative
  • Similar material to what Veterinarian's  use