Performance Foot Bunion Night Splint

  • $22.50


The Bunion Night Splint aligns the big toe--the hallux--to reduce bunion pressure while stretching muscles and tendons to help slow progression of the bunion, the condition referred to as hallux abducto valgus. This splint can also be used before or after surgical correction of bunion deformity. It can be worn while sleeping.

*There is one splint per package*

How to Apply


  • Place your foot in the splint
  • Slide the toe spacer between first and second toe
  • Adjust the strap to the desired tightness


 Consult your Doctor before using:

  • if you have poor blood flow
  • if you have Diabetes Mellitus
  • if you have Neuropathy

Not meant to be worn with shoes.

Do not overtighten.


Common indications include the following:

  • The presence of a bunion 
  • Before considering surgery for a bunion
  • To help maintain the correction once your bunion has been fixed surgically