Performance Foot Budin Splint Hammer Toe Regulator Single or Double Toe

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The Budin Splint Hammer Toe Regulator comes either as a single or double toe straightener. The toe regulator aligns overlapping and crooked toes by holding two adjacent hammertoes or crooked toes in the correct position. It also reduces the rubbing between toes and provides a soft cushion to the ball of the foot.

*There is one regulator per package. It can fit either the right or the left foot.*

How to Apply


  • Gently slide the one or two affected toes through the loop. Do not overtighten.

Recommended Care:

  • Washable and reusable


Do not use:

  • if you have Diabetes Mellitus
  • if you have Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • if you have Peripheral Neuropathy

Do not overtighten.  


    Common indications include the following:

    • My toes are overlapping
    • My toes are curling
    • I have hammertoes that hurt when I wear shoes
    • I want more cushion on the ball of my foot because of my hammertoe