Performance Foot Gel Adjustable Crest Pad

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Pads are right and left specific.  Choose right and/or left 

The Gel Adjustable Crest Pad is used for deformities such as hammertoes, claw toes, or mallet toes and fits on the bottom of the toes and helps lift the toes from hitting the ground or the end of the shoe. It lifts the tips of toes to reduce pressure at the tips of the toes.

How to apply 

  • Loosen soft adjustable toe loop and gently slide over toe the padded portion of the crest pad will sit beneath the toe itself.
  • Adjust to fit.  
  • Do not over tighten.


    • Do not tighten the adjustable toe loop too tight.  
    • Do not use if you have or suspect circulation problems, diabetes, or inability to feel your feet.


      • The tip of my toe is painful
      • The top of my toe is painful
      • I have a hammertoe
      • My toes are curled under.
      • I can not wear shoes comfortably because my toes are painful