Performance Foot Gel Achilles Heel Sleeve

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Pricing is for one sleeve, not one pair.

The Achilles Gel Heel Sleeve is elastic cloth sleeve with embedded 1/8 inch gel. The gel portion provides comfort and relief for the back of the heel. It is ideal for sore, fatigued, or injured Achilles tendon. The soft gel pad protects the back of the heel from friction while gently compressing and reducing pressure around the heel. Can wear with or without closed back shoe.

How to apply  


  • Small/Medium usually recommended for smaller women and men
  • Large/XL usually recommended for larger women and men 
  • Gently slide the Gel Achilles Heel Pad directly over foot.
  • Put on socks and shoes 


  • If too tight discontinue use. 
  • Do not use if Diabetes Mellitus, Peripheral Neuropathy, of Peripheral Vascular Disease.


  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Sore Achilles tendon 
  • Pain along the Achilles tendon 
  • Pain along  back of heel bone
  • Soreness along back of heel bone