Performance Foot Plantar Fascial Straps - Moleskin

  • $12.00


Moleskin Plantar Fascial Straps are used along the bottom surface of the foot.  They are used to secure the plantar fascia snugly along the bottom of the foot to assist in pain reduction.  Excellent for use in bottom of foot pains associated with plantar fasciitis and flat feet. 

How to Apply

  • remove adhesive back
  • apply the T strap portion of heel along the back of the heel
  • keep foot at 90 degrees to apply the strap
  • pull the rectangular portion of the pad along the bottom of he foot
  • cut the rectangular portion of the strap to desired length 
  • end of strap should be to the arch side of the ball of the foot


  • do not use if you have allergies to adhesives 
  • do not use if Diabetic


  • Plantar fasciitis
  • arch pain
  • heel pain