Performance Foot Moleskin Sheets

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Moleskin provides a versatile skin cover.  It is used as an anti-friction cover for the skin.  It is a very thin material, approximately 1/16” that does not stretch or pull out of shape while on the skin. Moleskin can often be used in the place of tape since it is approximately equal to the tensile strength of 10-12 layers of tape.

*Sold by the foot.  Minimum size is 2” wide by 12” long with adhesive back. 

Order by picking how many feet desired. 

Best value is ordering entire roll (25 yards)

How to apply

  • Cut into desired shape and apply to affected area.


  • Do not use if allergic to adhesives.


  • blisters
  • tender boney prominences
  • bunions
  • calluses
  • corns