Performance Foot Foam Plantar Fasciitis Arch Pad 1/4 inch

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Gel Plantar Fasciitis Arch pad reusable gel for plantar heel and arch pain relief. A non-medicated reusable self-sticking gel arch pad provides an excellent cushion for arches and reduces pressure while walking or standing. Common ailments addressed are fallen arches, weak arches, high arches, and pronation related problems. For use in all styles of footwear.

    How to apply


    Recommended Care

    • The foam arch pad is intended for single use, discard when done using. 
    • The life of the product is affected by its care, use and activity level of the individual.


      • Do not place product on an open wound.
      • Don’t use if diabetic or have loss of sensation to skin.
      • If irritation, discomfort, or any problem results from the use of this product, discontinue use immediately, and notify your doctor immediately.
      • Keep out of reach of children


      • Fallen arches, weak arches, high arches, and pronation related problems
      • I have fallen arches
      • I have weak arches
      • I have high arches
      • I have pronation problems
      • I want more support in my arch
      • I do not have extra room in my shoe for an orthotic or insert but I want more support
      • I want a pad that I can reuse.