Performance Foot Gel Bunion Night Splint

  • $27.45
  • Save $2.54


The Gel Bunion Night Splint aligns the big toe (hallux) to reduce bunion pressure while stretching muscles and tendons to help slow progression of a Bunion formation (Hallux Abducto Valgus, HAV)

The Gel Bunion Night Splint has an adjustable velcro mid-foot strap and comfortable gel along the inside of the brace.


  • Size small fits most women sizes
  • Size large fits most mens sizes
  • One Gel Bunion Night Splint per package.

How to apply

  • Use the toe strap and mid foot strap to secure the brace in place


  • Do not over tighten
  • Do not wear with shoes


  • Bunion 
  • Can be used before considering surgery for your bunion
  • Can be used to help maintain correction once your bunion has been fixed surgically
  • Can sleep in it