Performance Foot Tube Foam Protector Sleeve

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Tube Foam comes in three diameters as measured on the inside of the aperture.  You can cut the tube to desired length.  Each tube is 12 inches long.  Larger diameter tube for larger toes and smaller diameter tube for small toes. 


  • 5/8 inch x 12 inches long, 12 tubes per package
  • 3/4 inch x12 inches long, 10 tubes per package
  • 1 inch x 12 inches long, 8 tubes per package 

How to Apply

  • measure the desired length of the tube 
  • use scissors to cut to desired length
  • slide directly over toe


  • ensure that the tube is not too tight around the toe
  • do not use if diabetic


  • hammertoe
  • corn
  • callus
  • friction between adjacent toes