Performance Foot Foam Metatarsal Pad 1/4 inch

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Foam Metatarsal Pad a soft latex foam ¼” metatarsal pad. Pad is designed to relieve pain and pressure in the ball of foot by providing a great cushioning affect. The pad has an adhesive back to make for easy application. Can be used for the right or left foot.  Price is per pad.  Picture shows two pads. 

The medical grade foam is precut in the correct thickness and shape to provide maximal relief of pain making each step less painful. The pad can be placed directly to the skin or in the desired location in the shoe.


How to apply

Gently apply to clean dry foot. Remove adhesive back and apply pad directly over the area of pain. These pads are designed to be placed directly on the foot , however, can be placed directly to the shoe itself as well.

Recommended Care

The pad is designed for single application. Dispose after use. The life of the pad is determined by its care, use, and activity level. Multiple day use is possible based on these same parameters.



Do not use if have sensitivities or allergies to latex or adhesives. Do not use if diabetic or have lost feeling in your feet for any reason.



Customers who purchase this product would probably be saying:

  • The ball of my foot hurts…
  • The area behind my toes hurts…
  • The ball of my foot hurts the longer I walk
  • My toes burn when in shoes…
  • The tighter the front of my shoe the more pain I have
  • I have to wear high-healied shoes and the ball of my foot always hurts after a few minutes….
  • Certain shoes make my feet hurt especially in the ball or area behind my toes.