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Causes: Tendons themselves are cords of tough, fibrous connective tissue that attach muscles to bones. Tendons are found throughout the entire human body. Tendonitis is the inflammation and irritation of these tendons.

Symptoms: If the normal smooth gliding motion of a tendon is impaired the tendon will become inflamed and tendonitis will start to occur.

Prevention & Care: Tendonitis, if it's caught early, can be easily treated and cured. Check out Performancefoot.com for the best treatment.


The information listed on Performancefoot.com is a recommendation for Foot Care Guidelines and internet self-diagnosis treatment. If you are experiencing persistent pain, and symptoms that do not improve with treatment of a non-prescription product consult a podiatrist.  A foot doctor can correctly diagnose the condition and make appropriate recommendations. Dr. Mark T. Lewis, DPM

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